Safeway Card Fundraiser


How do I purchase a card?

You can purchase your Safeway card here. Please make sure to include a valid mailing address at check-out so we can get you the card as soon as possible.

What has DMK raised with this program?

For 2016, we have raised just over $1100. Every little bit helps and this is a free program to all!

How does the program work?

DMK purchases $5 gift cards and sells them to DMK Supporters. You receive a card that has $5 preloaded on to it! You can then reload any amount up to $500 on your card and shop whenever you like. DMK will earn 5% of the amount of those reloads!

Where can the card be reloaded?

Cards can be reloaded at the Customer Service Desk for any amount up to $500, or at the register when you are purchasing your groceries BEFORE you begin ringing up your groceries. It must be a separate transaction from purchasing groceries. You can reload it with cash, a debit card or credit card. Please note: When the card is reloaded there is about a 5 min delay from when the funds are loaded to when they are available. 

What kind of purchases can be made with this card?

Any purchase you make in the store is eligible. The only things that are not are: Money Orders, WesternUnion, lottery tickets, stamps and other gift cards.

Do these cards expire?

If a card has a zero balance for 90 days, the card will become inactive and another card will have to be purchased through DMK.