We could do so much more with just a little help! Sign up below to volunteer with DMK and help make the difference for a rescued animal. You can also like us on Facebook to hear about volunteer opportunities, new additions, and upcoming events.

Volunteer & Donation Opportunities Include:

  • Kennel Volunteers
  • Adoption Event Volunteers
  • Dog Walkers and Friends
  • Yard Toys for Dogs
  • Blankets & Bedding
  • Kennel & Facilities Cleaning
  • Fundraising Volunteers
  • Building Assistance
  • Dog Food
  • Pet Care Accessories

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Volunteer events and meetups happen often, follow us on Facebook for updates and additional details. Thank you for your interest in volunteering with DMK Rehoming. Please give us a call or contact us to receive more information or schedule volunteer time at (303)-593-1340.

Some images from past Volunteer Events: