Adoptable Medium Mix Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedSpecial Needs

Rusty is a traveling guy! He came from NM to see the Rocky Mountains and decided he really likes it here. Now he is busy tracking down a great family that wants a really cool dog. He hasn’t been a member of a family yet and would really like to try that out – he’s heard other dogs talk about that and they like it.

Won’t you help him end his wandering ways and settle into a happy life?

Up for a challenge?

Rusty is very shy, but once he gets to know you he is good and a stable life would go a long way in helping him overcome his shyness.

You can help a great dog have a great life, with just a lot of love and some patience. He would probably be better with another dog, but we haven’t tried him being alone either.

He is playful with other dogs and everyday he tries (and sometimes succeeds) in nipping the caretaker’s butt as he leaves the kennel, then sits outside the dog door and wags his tail.