Adoptable Large

Kaylee is a cancer survivor!! She went through surgery, chemotherapy, rehab, another surgery, rehab and now she is released by the Doctor and she is in great shape and cancer free!!! She has never had a decent home, lived in the back yard for the first year of her life, then in a shelter for most of her second year and then months of medical rehab. She would love to be just hunkered down at a home that is her own!! Even our Vet wrote on her file “She is such a sweet dog!!”
She can be a little jealous of other dogs getting more attention….she sure loves getting belly rubs. She knows to stay out of the kitchen and off the furniture. She does not go upstairs, she is crate trained, loves treats, she is trying to make up for what she has been missing for years!!! She get stubborn and hates the cold – she might have some arthritis or just spent too many days/nights in the cold in the backyard.