Because most of the dogs in the DMK program have experienced enough suffering to last them a couple of lifetimes, we want to make EXTRA sure we are sending them to the absolute best homes possible. Hence, this is what we require of our adopters:

  1. Person adopting dog has to be 18 years of age or older
  2. Person adopting dog may not have any history of animal cruelty, domestic violence or child abuse
  3. Person adopting dog may not have surrendered a dog to our group, or an affiliate rescue organization
  4. Person adopting dog must remain in compliance with the number of allowed animals by your local animal welfare ordinance
  5. Person adopting dog must remain in compliance with any breed restrictions whether imposed by your local jurisdiction, rental agreement, home owners association or insurance policy
  6. DMK dogs have to be INSIDE dogs, with access provided to a safely contained outside area (invisible fences do not qualify). They are expected to live as part of the family.
  7. DMK dogs need to be adopted as companion animals only and cannot be trained as service dogs, working dogs, or guard dogs.
  8. DMK does not tolerate the penning, tethering, chaining or the usage of trolley systems for any of our dogs, for any reason, under any circumstance.


Adopting through DMK means giving a home to a dog who really needs it. Our dogs are treated, immunized, and cared for prior to being available for adoption. We do our very best to ensure a good match between our dogs and your family. The adoption process includes the following:

1. Adopter Profile and Questionnaire; this helps us determine whether the dog you’re looking at would be a good fit for your needs and expectations.

2. Come visit the dog at the shelter to see if you like them and if they connect with you.

3. If after the visit you connect with the dog, fill out a full adoption application. Once we receive your completed application the adoption committee with review it and let you know if you’ve been approved to adopt. **Please note that DMK Rehoming rarely sends a dog to a home with children under 5.

4. Once approved, pick up your new dog and pay for them.
Average* prices are: $250 for puppies, $175 for adults & $50 for seniors

*Adoption prices listed above are an average only. Sometimes there is a donation toward the adoption that reduces the cost or health and vetting requires additional costs for a particular dog or litter that increases the cost of an adoption. Most every dog is fully vetted but some may need a final round of vaccines. 

Lastly, please keep in mind that every dog is different; some need constant exercise while others can be very low energy. Our goal is to find the right fit between the dog and your family needs. The following guides might help you narrow down your search based on ASPCA’s definitions of canine personalities or “Canine-alities”.

Green Dog Adopter Guide:  Information and resources for a potential adopter of Life of the Party, Go-Getter, and Free Spirit dogs Canine-alities.

Orange Dog Adopter Guide: Information and resources for a potential adopter of the Goofball, Busy Bee, and Wallflower Canine-alities.

Purple Dog Adopter Guide: Information and resources for a potential adopter of the Constant Companion, Couch Potato, and Teacher’s Pet Canine-alities.

Listed below are some of our newest additions, but keep in mind new dogs arrive at DMK all the time so please contact us or visit for more information:

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